Are Timberlands Good For Snow

For footwear lovers that want to know, are Timberlands good for snow? We have a treat for you as we answer your question(s) and show you the best Timberlands for the snow. Yes, we think that Timberlands are excellent for the snow.

Established in 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts, Timberland LLC makes some of the finest leather boots in existence. The maker’s intent for their brand was outdoor use from its inception.

All footwear is waterproof with shoes for work, outdoor activities, and more. Despite the focus of the boots for activities in nature, the shoe has become part of the urban lifestyle.

The footwear comes in many designs, including the signature Timberland look. Now that you know that Timberlands are good for snow, we want to share some of the best styles they have to offer.

Are Timberlands Good For Snow? Let’s Look At The Top Five

Men’s Timberland PRO 6IN Direct Attach

The Timberland PRO consists of thermoplastic urethane for the sole and nubuck leather for the upper portion of the shoe. The sole has MaxTRAX to keep the boots from slipping on surfaces.

The boot is waterproof once the water doesn’t reach above the height of the footwear. A steel toe component protects against toes from falling debris damage.

The model boasts foot fatigue reduction and comes in wheat and black.

Timberland Women’s 6″ Premium Waterproof Boots

This women’s waterproof boot consists of a synthetic sole with one-inch heels and a 1/2 inch platform. 

The upper part of the shoes is 100% leather with a padded collar and rustproof eyes for the laces.

The footwear comes in 8 colors, with one of these styles having a lower cut. The boots weigh 1.6 pounds, ideal for treading through the snow ladies.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot 

Timberland’s white ledge ankle boot for men consists of 100% waterproof leather. The metal lace holders are rustproof for a sturdy tie and clean look.

The soles are rubber for good traction on most surfaces. This shoe is excellent for hiking or just as a fashion statement when out and about.

The shoe comes in wheat, black, and medium brown and weighs only 1.1 pounds. If you need a lightweight boot for the snow, this will make a good choice.

Timberland Men’s Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot

This Timberland model consists of full-grained leather that is waterproof to keep water and snow from entering the shoe.

The rubber sole allows for excellent traction with a one-inch platform and one-and-a-half-inch heel. 

The footwear comes in 6 colors and weighs three pounds. The shoe also boasts anti-fatigue technology for your feet.

Timberland Men’s Classic Boot Ankle 

The classic boot from Timberland consists of 100% leather that is waterproof. The rubber sole has a one-inch heel with a signature arch.

The shoe’s upper part has a padded collar and insulation for more comfort. The seam-sealed technology keeps water out. 

This model has four colors to choose from; these are wheat nubuck, black, black nubuck, and rust nubuck. The boots weigh one pound, one of the lightest.

Other Timberlands That Are Good For Snow

With Timberlands having snow ability, they make an excellent choice for outdoor use. Another thing that makes them stand out is their lifetime warranty.

Timberland has confidence in its brand and has proven the quality of its products throughout the years. See more styles below.

Timberland Men’s Sutherlin Bay 

Sutherlin Bay by Timberland consists of 100% waterproof leather and a rubber sole. The heel is a one-inch block type.

This Chelsea-styled footwear consists of a pull-on design allowing easy putting on and taking off. The boots come in black.

Timberland Men’s Groveton LTT Chukka Leather

This Groverton LTT option from Timberland is a low-cut design that looks awesome. It consists of Chukka fabric, a recycled material product. 

The show has 100% leather and rubber soles to give the finished look you see here. This model comes in 18 colors and is less than a pound at 14.2 ounces.

The leather has the same waterproof aspects that make Timberlands renowned. This style may surprise many people who see you strutting your stuff.

Timberland Women’s Jayne Waterproof Teddy Fleece Fold-Down Fashion Boot 

This teddy fleece fold-down from Timberland consists of nubuck material. It has rubber soles to provide excellent traction.

The shoe has waterproof capabilities with comfortable insulation that has fleece folded at the top. You can choose from six colors, and the boots weigh two pounds, making them lightweight.

The fold in the shoe is flexible, allowing you to wear them right up without folding them. These make great pac boots.

Timberland Women’s Courmayeur Valley 6″ Boot Fashion 

This Timberland Courmayeur design consists of nubuck waterproof leather and a rubber sole with good gripping power.

The coot has 1.5-inch heels with a 1/2 inch platform. The footwear provides excellent insulation making this a very snow-worthy shoe.

The boot comes in 6 colors and weighs 2 pounds, a bit heavier for Timberland boots.

Timberland Men’s Euro Hiker Boot

Men’s Euro Hiker’s boot from Timberland has a different look from the signature looks belonging to the original design.

This boot consists of 100% waterproof leather and a rubber sole for proper traction on slippery surfaces. 

The footwear comes in brown and weighs three pounds, surprisingly heavy for the usual one pound that you find with many styles.

Timberland Men’s Ankle Chukka Boots 

The Timberland chukka ankle men’s boot is very stylish and looks impressive. The footwear consists of leather and composite materials in the shoe’s upper part.

The sole is rubber with impressive gripping power. The lace holders make a fashion statement that seems superior to any former Timberland design.

You can choose from 25 colors and patterns, quite a vast number; the shoes weigh 2.65 pounds, a bit on the heavy side for Timberland. These are our picks for the best of the best.

We have answered the are Timberlands good for snow question, and why do we think so. We are sure that the various styles bring back memories and show how far the brand has come with its projections for the future. You can start here if you want to get your next or first pair of Timberlands.