How Do Corn Removal Pads Work

Do you want to know how do corn removal pads work? Keep reading; we will tell you how and more for a comprehensive look at corn removal pads. Corn on your toes can be painful and prevent you from wearing some shoes.

Anyone who ever had corns knows they can be uncomfortable. In addition, calluses on the feet contribute to the development of foot fungus. They want them gone swiftly, but finding the way to do so, could be a challenge. That was till the corn removal pad came on the scene.

These pads are one of the simplest ways to treat corns without needing a more serious procedure. 

How Do Corn Removal Pads Work? The Specifics

So, how do these pads work?

  • You can place the pad on the corn after removing it from the package. Make sure your corns are dry before applying the pad.
  • Wet feet will stop the adhesive from sticking to the corn, so be mindful of this. The removal pad should remain on the area for two days before removing it.
  • Change every two days for two weeks or until the corn has gone. You can achieve removal of the callus by soaking it in warm water for five minutes. Dry and repeat the process for the required time.

Now that you have a clear understanding of how corn removal pads work, we will share the available products you can purchase for use.

Ulensy Corn Remover, 24 Corn Remover Pads


The Ulensy corn remover comes in two sizes on Amazon for your personal use. It contains salicylic acid, which helps with faster removal of the callus.

This brand guarantees the corn will dissipate within a few days. It has the directions on the box and within, so knowing what to do should be simple.

The pads have a cushion to make wearing shoes comfortable, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product.

Scholl’s Corn Remover With Duragel Technology


Scholl’s is very famous for special treatment for the feet. This pack contains six bandages with a cushion for comfort.

This brand also uses salicylic acid and boasts thin, flexible pads with Duragel Technology. Scholl’s brand claims that the corn will be gone with two treatments.

Scholl’s also has a liquid that aids with the removal many persons buy along with this product.

Scholls Corn Removers


This product is a different type of corn remover from the other one mentioned before. It holds discs and cushions that look and work differently. 

Apart from the style of pads, this package contains the same products and guarantees the same removal times. The removal pad is clear with the medicated pad in the center.

Curad Mediplast (25 Pads) Corn, Callus, & Wart Remover


This brand offers some of the most pads in one container. This type has 40% salicylic acid with two-by-three-inch bandages.  

The maker suggests using tape to hold the pad in place if necessary. These are some of the biggest pads you will find for this use.

Samsali Corn Remover


The samsali brand offers more pads in one package than Curad, with 84 pads in the box. This one says it uses Chinese technology for corn removal.

It offers the same promise as a few others, with the corn gone in a few days. It also contains salicylic acid with a cushion on every pad for comfort.

TXL Active Corn Remover Pads


TXL offers its own version of corn removal pads. The container holds thirty pads that are adjustable and contain salicylic acid. 

The bandage has a cushion padding that keeps the corn from irritation when wearing shoes. The company offers a guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with this product.

Rite Aid Foot Care Maximum Strength Ultra-Thin Corn Removers


The Rite Aid corn remover option has a package with 18 pieces. The padded bandage contains 40% salicylic acid, the medication to dissolve the corn.

These can also work for calluses on the heel and boasts so thin they can fit tight shoes. Unlike others, the suggestion is to use until the corn has wholly disappeared within fourteen days.

Reppkyh Corn Remover


The Reppkyh brand offers buyers 36 pieces of corn removal pads that contain salicylic acid, the active medicated ingredient. 

This maker offers the same deal as the previous brands and promises that the corn should disappear in a few days. They claim their plaster contains technology for more significant removal.

GP GP GreenPeople Corn Removers Pads


This maker of this brand claims the product has traditional Chinese ingredients. It also mentions advanced technology; like all the rest, it uses salicylic acid as the key ingredient.

This package contains 12 pieces and comes with a unique tool. This knife can help remove the corns when it is time to change the pads. 

MYMULIKE Corn Removal Pads


The Mymulike brand of corn removal pad is another brand that offers 40% salicylic acid in its bandages. The design will be the same with a cushion to protect the corn.

The container contains 24 pieces, enough to take care of a few corns if need be. The adhesive contains corn paste, which helps heal and provides skin recovery agitation.

Sumifun Corn Remover


Sumifun corn remover joins the list of brands that offer the same thing for the most part. Some say sooner, while others predict a few days. 

This maker gives you 54 pieces which means this could be a family-size box. You receive a 100% guarantee if the product doesn’t live up to expectations. 

The pads have medication that helps restore cells in the affected area.

MQ Corn Remover


MQ corn remover pack contains 12 pieces of bandages. Each one includes a cushion pad with salicylic acid for treating the corn. You can guarantee the corn will be gone in a few days.

They promise you their happiness guarantee saying they will do what they can to assist if you are not satisfied.

This list has been extensive to answer how do corn removal pads work. Now that you know much more about it, you can choose the pads you like and remove those pesky corns, calluses and warts from your feet.