How To Clean Velvet Shoes

If you want to learn how to clean velvet shoes, you have come to the right place. Velvet shoes make the wearer look sophisticated and elegant. These aren’t everyday shoes; footwear like this is often for special outings as they scuff easily.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear yours every day; it would be wise not to do so. We know, try as you may, they can rub on each other, on objects, and all kinds of things can happen.

So if your velvet shoes have started to lose their shine and need a clean-up to make them look fresh and sparkly, we can show you how to make that happen.

You should note that velvet footwear comes in different types. You have genuine and synthetic velvet. This method helps with natural velvet but can work for the fake stuff.

To clean your velvet shoes, you will need a few things.

  • You will need a microfiber cloth, the preferred choice as it is soft and doesn’t leave any scuff marks.
  • Secondly, you will need some washing solution to help remove any stains or marks from the shoes. This mixture will also make the velvet nice and soft. Some people use a mild liquid soap and water, but you can also buy a special cleaner for your footwear.
  • You can use a soft brush; a soft toothbrush can scrub the dirty area. Once the spot is clean, use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the shoes. It works fantastic for all boot types.
  • Add a shoe protection product to help maintain the velvet and keep it well-conditioned.
  • Avoid any sprays that aren’t for velvet shoes.

We will share a few products to help you keep your shoes clean.

How To Clean Velvet Shoes – Cleaning Kits

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials 


Most cleaners for velvet shoes can be bought as a kit making it easier to find what you need. This cleaner by Jason Markk is a foam-based product that can work for velvet and other shoe types.

This brand is a kit with a brush and a microfiber cloth; it will help the foam give your shoes the look it needs. You do not need to worry about looking further when purchasing this product.

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit 8 Oz. Bottle Fabric Cleaner


This shoe cleaning brand was established in 1985, making it a renowned shoe cleaner. The kit has a cleaner and a brush to make cleaning simple.

Pink miracle claims that a bottle can last for years; you don’t need a lot of solution to clean a pair of shoes. They say a few drops go a long way, add them to water and start cleaning.

MAXIMILIAN Professional Sneaker Cleaner Kit.


This comprehensive-looking shoe cleaning kit looks professional. It is an ideal product for cleaning your shoes. 

Maximilian boasts a scientific formula that makes cleaning dirt and grime easier. This kit has other cleaning tools in its arsenal with an eraser that can remove most marks.

This brand would be the perfect fit for those extra pieces to do more. The package design makes this an ideal gift for a birthday or another special occasion.

How To Clean Velvet Shoes With Protective Sprays

Caring for your velvet shoes involves more than cleaning; it requires protection against dirt and grime to make cleaning easier. 

Some cleaners won’t say for velvet specifically, but most will clean all material types; those are the ones you can choose.

Since protection makes cleaning a more manageable task and less necessary in some instances, we will share a few protective sprays.

Explution Shoe Cleaner Kit


Another great complete shoe cleaning kit is the Explution brand. This set makes an excellent gift for ardent shoe lovers, which will keep their shoes looking sharp for years to come.

All you need are a few drops mixed in water to create the perfect cleaning solution. The brush and towels are excellent tools to help spread and clean the liquid off the shoes.

This product is an excellent cleaner choice for any shoe enthusiast to look flashy every day of the year.

Gold Standard Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit with Brush


The Gold Standard brand offers a cleaning kit that meets all the4 demands of shoe cleaning. The cleaning method is excellent and straightforward for less time for shoe maintenance.

Simply, wet the brush, add some cleaner, and scrub the dirt from your footwear. That is right, an effortless way to clean your shoes. Never use this product on dyed suede.

GEAR AID Revivex


The Gear Aid brand is a great revival expert for all shoe types. This kit has a cleaner and a water repellant mixture to clean and protect your footwear.

This brand offers one thing the others don’t, a product to use after cleaning. That is why we will also provide a few other products that give your shoes the protection they need.

The kit has a brush and eraser that are convenient tools to help with application and cleaning.

DFNS – Footwear Protector 


This protection spray will keep your shoes safe from water and other liquids. DFNS spared no effort to bring you a durable protector for your footwear.

Feel confident during the rainy and winter days, knowing your shoes and feet are safe. The spray keeps stains away too, and needs 20 minutes to dry before you put them it the test.

Gold Standard Premium Water-Repellent Shoe Protector Spray


Another fine product from Gold Standard, only this time it is the waterproof repellant that will protect your shoes from the wiles of the environment.

A couple of coats will give your footwear the shine and protection it needs from stains, liquid, and moisture that exists. You will notice water turn to beads and roll off the footwear, a sign of superior waterproof technology.

Woosh – Extra Strength Formula


Woosh brand offers a superior product that is easily sprayed on your shoes to give the ultimate protection. This waterproof product keeps water, dirt, stains, and scuff at bay.

This spray isn’t for leather shoes, so please remember this. The extra strength formula will make your footwear pop and remain dry for years to come.

You asked how to clean velvet shoes, and we answered. You now know to clean your footwear, what product types can help, and the ultimate protection guide. You also learned an easy way if you don’t have immediate access to the products shown.