Mink Oil For Boots

One of the best ways to treat footwear is with mink oil for boots. This mixture gives boots the protection necessary to keep the leather soft and extends its length expectancy.

The oil provides the nourishment needed to keep the leather soft and well-conditioned. This procedure will keep the material soft, avoiding cracks common with untreated leather.

Does Mink Oil Waterproof Leather?

If your leather boots aren’t waterproof, the coating will add some level of resistance to water and other liquids. The same is true of moisture as the mink oil fills any pores and gaps the leather may have.

Does Mink Oil Go Bad?

Mink oil can last for a very long time if you store it in a cool, dry area. The ingredients found in mink oil are fatty, allowing the product to retain its structure.

What Is Mink Oil Made Of?

Mink oil contains the fatty tissue of the mink. The tissue has fatty acids that contain several natural glycerides. In short, mink oil results from processing the fatty tissue of the mink hide.

We have given you an in-depth look at mink oil, and we will also share some of the best brands you can purchase for use on your leather boots. You will find mink oil in a paste and liquid form; take your pick.

Mink Oil For Boots – The Top Products

Red Moose Mink Oil Paste


Red Moose mink oil paste can soften and waterproof your boots, giving them the texture they need. The paste can protect and prevent stains and works for all seasons.

The maker has made mink oils for over thirty years and suggests one application per week is sufficient to keep your leather healthy and boots protected.

JobSite Premium Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Paste


JobSite premium mink oil will protect your leather and waterproof the outside from all liquids and moisture. The pan contains three ounces of paste for all your boot needs.

Their unique formula will repel salt and oil that can leave stains on the leather. The paste will darken the shade of the leather, and you should never apply to suede and nubuck.

Salty Fish Mink Oil For Leather Boots


Salty Fish mink oil makes your leather shine while protecting against moisture, water, and other harmful liquids. The pan contains three and a half ounces, plenty of paste for long-term use.

The maker boasts the mink oil’s ability to condition, restore, polish, and protect your leather boots. The paste can work for other leather commodities, so you aren’t limited to using this with boots.

JobSite Premium Mink Oil Leather Waterproof Liquid


This JobSite mink milk option comes in liquid form but provides the same protection as all other products in this list. It can work for vinyl footwear, so it has multipurpose abilities.

You can use it on furniture, car seats, and other leather and vinyl products that may need a touchup. Avoid applying on suede and nubuck, and expect the leather color to darken after application.

Mink Oil For Boots – Other Options

These mink oils are great for boots but not limited to use only for them. This flexibility makes mink oils truly exceptional, as you can use them for many projects in your home or vehicle.

When you purchase a bottle or can of mink oil, you know you are getting value for money and a versatile product that will enhance shoes and your other assets.

Sof Sole Mink Oil for Conditioning and Waterproofing Leather


The Sof Sole brand of mink oil will waterproof and condition your leather with constant use. It can preserve all leather types like purses, hats, baseball gloves, and much more.

The three and a half ounce contents will last long since you don’t need to coat the shoe every day. One coat per week is sufficient to keep boots moist and conditioned. 

Ariat Unisex Mink Oil Paste


This Ariat unisex mink oil paste option is a larger container than the others, with a content of more than four ounces. This brand promises the same as all others for ultimate protection.

The maker suggests avoiding use on exotic leathers as those would react differently to the ingredients in the paste.

Fiebings Mink Oil Paste For Smooth Leather And Vinyl 


The mink oil paste from Fiebings is another good option to protect, enhance and waterproof your boots and other leather products.

This six-ounce container is the biggest bang for the buck among all the products on this list. It is one of the cheapest and the biggest options you can find on Amazon.

Red Wing Heritage Unisex-Adult Mink Oil


Red Wing heritage mink oil is an excellent choice to keep your leather well conditioned and waterproofed for protection. The paste will keep stains from settling on the surface.

This brand is the most expensive on the list and has one of the least amounts of paste at three ounces. The maker recommends this brand for their leather products.

Fiebings Mink Oil Liquid


This mink oil is another liquid product, this time from Fiebings. This eight-ounce bottle can protect your leather products from salt stains and make the shoes resistant to water.

Keep your boots soft and well-conditioned with this fantastic product. Avoid use on suede and expect a darkening of the color shade.

Angelus Mink Oil Paste Leather Waterproof & Conditioner


Angelus mink oil paste is excellent for waterproofing and conditioning boots and other leather products. It’s usable on vinyl, soft plastics, and white leather.

This paste will keep salt and other stains at bay, keeping your shoe spotless. This container holds three ounces of mink oil paste.

Best Mink Oil Alternatives

Mink oil is still one of the best ways to keep your shoes protected and well-groomed. However, if you want an alternative, you can try a few things.

Some alternatives are Fiebing’s neatsfoot oil, Armstrong’s all-natural leather oil, and Smith’s leather balm. 

Other alternatives include Obenauf’s heavy-duty LP, oil for moderate conditions, and Venetian shoe cream.

These mink oil for boots are some very reliable products that you can buy from Amazon. Your footwear and other leather products receive the protection they need by using any of these items.