Nubuck vs Suede Shoes

Many footwear lovers look at nubuck vs suede shoes to determine which may better suit their needs. Shoes come in many material types, including nubuck and suede for a stylish look.

Nubuck material consists of leather, sanded on the outside to give it a different appearance. This method allows the leather to have a smoother look, with the grains easily seen.

Suede material consists of leather, sanded on the inside to give it a different appearance. This method allows the leather to have a fuzzy appearance desirable to the eyes.

The difference between these two products is minor and relies on the method chosen to give the shoe the desired look. One sands the outside, the other the inside. The sanded side of the material becomes the outside of the footwear.

If you want to know which shoe is better, that depends upon your needs or wants. The footwear comes from similar materials; the only difference is its look, so it comes down to style and what you prefer.

We will show you some suede and nubuck shoes for reference, so keep reading. We will start with a variety of nubuck-styled footwear.

Nubuck vs Suede Shoes – What Nubuck Has To Offer

Clarks Men’s Bayhill Plain Oxford


Clarks’ brand has been around for a long time. They have established themselves as a quality shoemaker with long-lasting footwear.

This low-cut design is the perfect shoe for the executive who seeks to combine luxury with quality. Nubuck material is a durable leather that can take everyday grind.

This model comes in four colors, giving your more options when buying. The colors are brown, black, tan, and navy. Perfect for whatever look you need.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe


This Merrel low-cut design allows persons to slip their feet in and out of the show with no hassle.

Not everyone loves to wear laces and may prefer something like this. This model is one of many shoe types that allow you to feel comfortable without the excess.

This footwear comes in various colors, which is a plus for buyers. You can choose from 28 different colors, definitely something to look forward to purchasing.

Steve Madden Women’s VALA Pump

Steve Madden thought of you ladies; his nubuck design fulfills all you need in this pair of heels. The heel is 4 inches tall for those who love them that high.

This shoe comes in various colors; you can choose from 25 different colors, so your favorite color should be there. The toe area of this design comes enclosed for better protection.

Timberland Men’s Classic Boot Ankle


Timberland is a famous shoe brand that has gained popularity among musicians and followers. Many outdoor lovers have relied on this boot for its durability and comfort throughout the years. 

This classic high cut is another nubuck product that looks fashionable and offers reliability in any weather.

You can purchase this boot in four colors. The colors are wheat, black, rust nubuck, and black nubuck. 

Timberland boasts excellent leather quality for its products.

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe


A robust option for nubuck-styled shoes is this Columbia Men’s hiking boot. This model is waterproof, which allows for more comfort and reliability.

You can purchase this style in 17 colors, a generous amount for those who desire a superb choice of colors. Their Omni-Grip technology works well for traction on all terrain types.

Nubuck vs Suede Shoes – Your Suede Options

So far, we have shown you the differences between nubuck and suede to decide which is better for you. We have shared a few shoes that offer the nubuck quality, and now we will move on to suede, so you can see what is available.

Here are a few suede shows that can complement any outfit you wear and take the grind of a daily commute.

LCQL Men’s Noble Suede Loafers Shoes Slip-on Dress Shoes


This LCQL brand is fashionable and slick in design. If you want an excellent pair of shoes that make it difficult to ignore your presence, these may do.

The flashy look comes in gold, black, and blue for those who prefer color options. The easy slip-in and slip-out style allow for a ready-to-go choice when ready to move.

Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot


I mentioned earlier that Clarks makes some durable ad stylish boots. This model covers the ankles and creates excellent footwear for a formal or casual look.

You can buy this style in various colors for your desired needs. The Clarks Bushcare type comes in 12 colors, which means plenty of choices.

Clarks boast 100% leather with textile and synthetic materials to complete the look.

PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers


Puma has been around for a long time; they have increased popularity after endorsing Usain Bolt. This model sports suede and other materials in a sneaker fit for a striking look.

This model comes in 27 colors, making them ideal for wearing with colored clothing. This footwear has a thick sole and is stitched around the base to create a more robust shoe.

Capezio Women’s 459 Suede Sole Jr. Footlight Character Shoe 


This Capezio design for women is an exceptional find. The shoe has a broad and short heel for more comfort. It consists of 100% leather with MicroPoly lining brushed to give a nice finish.

This model boasts shock-absorbing soles and a slim strap to give a stylish look. The footwear comes in 2 colors of black and caramel.

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Boots


Hunting boots are also available with suede and other materials. This free Soldier model is rugged and suitable for military activity.

The material is waterproof and suitable for combat. Moisture absorbent holes and shock absorbers are a hallmark of this footwear. Available colors are black, brown, and camo.

The maker excluded no comfort, making this shoe an excellent choice for the most demanding environments that you can encounter.

We shared the nubuck vs suede shoes scenario with you. Now you have all the information you need. You can decide what you want; you may like one type or choose all; the choice is yours.